Lack of ‘cash’ in a business is one of the main reason businesses go under.

Staying focused the direction and future growth of your business can only be achieved with effective cash-flow planning and budgeting.  Many business owners focus on profit.  Profit is secondary – it’s cash flow that really matters.

With cash-flow being so important, failing to forecast accurately can put your business in jeopardy, making it vulnerable to future cash pitfalls. However, if you’re still not convinced your business needs a cash-flow forecast or if you’re not quite sure what it really involves, here are the crucial benefits a cash-flow forecast can have for your business.

  • Anticipate cash surpluses and shortages
  • See how hypothetical scenarios will affect your cash-flow
  • Monitor how much you’re spending and keep to your budgets
  • Know when you can take drawings
  • Ensure you can pay your suppliers on time
  • Witness the effects of late payments and credit control
  • Reduce risk with more informed decision-making

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